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    • Investigating tilt-based gesture keyboard entry for single-handed text entry on large devices 

      Yeo, Hui Shyong; Phang, Xiao-Shen; Castellucci, Steven J.; Kristensson, Per Ola; Quigley, Aaron John (ACM, 2017-05-02) - Conference item
      The popularity of mobile devices with large screens is making single-handed interaction difficult. We propose and evaluate a novel design point around a tilt-based text entry technique which supports single handed usage. ...
    • TiTAN: exploring midair text entry using freehand input 

      Yeo, Hui Shyong; Phang, Xiao-Shen; Ha, Taejin; Woo, Woontack; Quigley, Aaron John (ACM, 2017-05-06) - Conference item
      TiTAN is a spatial user interface that enables freehand,midair text entry with a distant display while only requiring a low-cost depth sensor. Our system aims to leverage one’s familiarity with the QWERTY layout. It allows ...