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    • Adaptation improves face trustworthiness discrimination 

      Keefe, Bruce D; Dzhelyova, Milena Petrova; Perrett, David I; Barraclough, Nick Edward (2013-06-19) - Journal article
      Adaptation to facial characteristics, such as gender and viewpoint, has been shown to both bias our perception of faces and improve facial discrimination. In this study, we examined whether adapting to two levels of face ...
    • Fruit over sunbed : carotenoid skin coloration is found more attractive than melanin coloration 

      Lefevre, Carmen E; Perrett, David I (2015) - Journal article
      Skin coloration appears to play a pivotal part in facial attractiveness. Skin yellowness contributes to an attractive appearance and is influenced both by dietary carotenoids and by melanin. While both increased carotenoid ...
    • Neural and behavioral responses to attractiveness in adult and infant faces 

      Hahn, Amanda C; Perrett, David I (2014-10) - Journal article
      Facial attractiveness provides a very powerful motivation for sexual and parental behavior. We therefore review the importance of faces to the study of neurobiological control of human reproductive motivations. For ...