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    • Apuleius and Lyly 

      Rawlings, Linda Edwards (1982) - Thesis
      This work is a study of the contribution which Apuleius' Metamorphoses made to the development of the Euphuistic style apparent in John Lyly's Euphuest The Anatomy of Wit. While not proving conclusively Apuleius' direct ...
    • A commentary on St. Augustine's De Doctrina Christiana book 2, chapters 1-40 

      Atkinson, Sheila Anne (University of St Andrews, 1980) - Thesis
      The aim of the introduction and commentary is to explore the nature of the work, its sources and originality and the relationship of its pagan and Christian background, in addition to elucidating the text on certain ...
    • Myth and personal experience in Roman love-elegy, with consideration of the Hellenistic background 

      Whitaker, Richard Anthony (1979) - Thesis
      This thesis examines the manner in which the Roman love-elegists used myth to illustrate personal experience. It is shown that the elegists were probably indebted to the poets of the Hellenistic period for the various ...