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    • Adapting a computational multi agent model for humpback whale song research for use as a tool for algorithmic composition 

      Mcloughlin, Michael; Ingram, Simon; Rendell, Luke Edward; Lamoni, Luca Ubaldo; Kirke, Alexis; Garland, Ellen Clare; Noad, Michael; Miranda, Eduardo (Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg, 2016-08-31) - Conference item
      Humpback whales (Megaptera Novaengliae) present one of the most complex displays of cultural transmission amongst non-humans. During breeding seasons, male humpback whales create long, hierarchical songs, which are shared ...
    • Non-song social call bouts of migrating humpback whales 

      Rekdahl, Melinda; Dunlop, Rebecca; Goldizen, Anne; Garland, Ellen Clare; Biassoni, Nicoletta; Miller, Patrick; Noad, Michael (2015-06) - Journal article
      The use of stereotyped calls within structured bouts has been described for a number of species and may increase the information potential of call repertoires. Humpback whales produce a repertoire of social calls, although ...