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  • The last forests on Antarctica : reconstructing flora and temperature from the Neogene Sirius Group, Transantarctic Mountains 

    Rees-Owen, Rhian L.; Gill, Fiona L.; Newton, Robert J.; Ivanovic, Ruza F.; Francis, Jane E.; Riding, James B.; Vane, Christopher H.; Lopes dos Santos, Raquel A. (2018-04) - Journal article
    Fossil-bearing deposits in the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica indicate that, despite the cold nature of the continent’s climate, a tundra ecosystem grew during periods of ice sheet retreat in the mid to late Neogene ...
  • Multiple oscillations in Neoarchaean atmospheric chemistry 

    Izon, Gareth; Zerkle, Aubrey Lea; Zhelezinskaya, Yadviga; Farquhar, James; Newton, Robert J.; Poulton, Simon W.; Eigenbrode, Jennifer L.; Claire, Mark (2015-12-01) - Journal article
    The Great Oxidation Event (GOE) represents a crucial juncture in Earth history, signifying the rise in atmospheric oxygen from parts per million to per cent levels at ~2.45-2.32 billion-years-ago (Ga). Although planetary ...
  • Onset of the aerobic nitrogen cycle during the Great Oxidation Event 

    Zerkle, Aubrey L.; Poulton, Simon W.; Newton, Robert J.; Mettam, Colin; Claire, Mark W.; Bekker, Andrey; Junium, Christopher K. (2017-02-23) - Journal item
    The rise of oxygen on the early Earth (about 2.4 billion years ago)1 caused a reorganization of marine nutrient cycles2, 3, including that of nitrogen, which is important for controlling global primary productivity. However, ...