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    • Fine-scale harbour seal usage for informed marine spatial planning 

      Jones, Esther Lane; Sparling, Carol Elizabeth; McConnell, Bernie J; Morris, Christopher; Smout, Sophie Caroline (2017-09-14) - Journal article
      High-resolution species distribution maps are required for marine spatial planning, consenting, and licensing to assess interactions between anthropogenic activities and ecosystems. This approach can inform conservation ...
    • Harbour Seal Decline - vital rates and drivers : Report to Scottish Government MMSS/002/15 

      Arso Civil, Monica; Smout, Sophie Caroline; Duck, Callan David; Morris, Christopher; Onoufriou, Joseph; Thompson, David; Brownlow, Andrew; Davison, Nicholas; Cummings, Caroline; Pomeroy, Patrick; McConnell, Bernie J; Hall, Ailsa Jane (SMRU, 2016-06) - Report
      Numbers of harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) have dramatically declined in several regions of the north and east of Scotland, while numbers have remained stable or have increased in regions on the west coast. For any management ...
    • Patterns of space use in sympatric marine colonial predators reveals scales of spatial partitioning 

      Jones, Esther Lane; McConnell, Bernie J; Smout, Sophie Caroline; Hammond, Philip Steven; Duck, Callan David; Morris, Christopher; Thompson, David; Russell, Deborah Jill Fraser; Vincent, Cecile; Cronin, Michelle; Sharples, Ruth Jemma; Matthiopoulos, Jason (2015-08-27) - Journal article
      Species distribution maps can provide important information to focus conservation efforts and enable spatial management of human activities. Two sympatric marine predators, grey seals Halichoerus grypus and harbour seals ...
    • Population scaling in 5 km x 5 km grey and harbour seal usage maps. Note to Scottish Government MMSS/002/15 

      Jones, Esther Lane; Morris, Christopher; Smout, Sophie Caroline; McConnell, Bernie J (Scottish Government, 2016-10-14) - Report