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    • Developing pervasive multiagent systems with nature-inspired co-ordination 

      Zambonelli, Franco; Omicini, Andrea; Anzengruber, Bernhard; Castelli, Gabriella; DeAngelis, Francesco; di Marzo Serugendo, Giovanan; Dobson, Simon Andrew; Fernandez Marquez, Jose-Luis; Ferscha, Alois; Mamei, Marco; Mariani, Stefano; Molesini, Ambra; Montagna, Sara; Nieminen, Jussi; Pianini, Danilo; Rosi, Alberto; Stevenson, Graeme Turnbull; Viroli, Mirko; Ye, Juan (2015-02) - Journal article
      Pervasive computing systems can be modelled effectively as populations of interacting autonomous components. The key challenge to realizing such models is in getting separately-specified and -developed sub-systems to ...
    • Spatial awareness in pervasive ecosystems 

      Dobson, Simon Andrew; Viroli, Mirko; Fernandez-Marquez, Jose-Luis; Zambonelli, Franco; Stevenson, Graeme Turnbull; di Marzo Serugendo, Giovanna; Montagna, Sara; Pianini, Danilo; Ye, Juan; Castelli, Gabriella; Rosi, Alberto (2016-12-07) - Journal article
      Pervasive systems are intended to make use of services and components that they encounter in their environment. Such systems are naturally spatial in that they can only be understood in terms of the ways in which components ...