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    • Antitumour activity of the novel flavonoid oncamex in preclinical breast cancer models 

      Martínez-Pérez, Carlos; Ward, Carol; Turnbull, Arran K; Mullen, Peter; Cook, Graham; Meehan, James; Jarman, Edward J; Thomson, Patrick I T; Campbell, Colin J; McPhail, Donald; Harrison, David James; Langdon, Simon P (2016-04-13) - Journal article
      Background: The natural polyphenol myricetin induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in preclinical cancer models. We hypothesised that myricetin-derived flavonoids with enhanced redox properties, improved cell uptake and ...
    • Evaluation of carbonic anhydrase IX as a therapeutic target for inhibition of breast cancer invasion and metastasis using a series of in vitro breast cancer models 

      Ward, Carol; Meehan, James; Mullen, Peter; Supuran, Claudiu; Dixon, J. Michael; Thomas, Jeremy S.; Winum, Jean-Yves; Lambin, Philippe; Dubois, Ludwig; Pavathaneni, Nanda-Kumar; Jarman, Edward J.; Renshaw, Lorna; Um, In Hwa; Kay, Charlene; Harrison, David James; Kunkler, Ian H.; Langdon, Simon P. (2015) - Journal article
      Triple negative, resistant or metastatic disease are major factors in breast cancer mortality, warranting novel approaches. Carbonic anhydrase IX (CAIX) is implicated in survival, migration and invasion of breast cancer ...
    • Inhibition of pH regulation as a therapeutic strategy in hypoxic human breast cancer cells 

      Meehan, James; Ward, Carol; Turnbull, Arran; Bukowski-Wills, Jimi; Finch, Andrew; Jarman, Edward J.; Xintaropoulou, Chrysi; Martinez-Perez, Carlos; Gray, Mark; Pearson, Matthew; Mullen, Peter; Supuran, Claudia T.; Carta, Fabrizio; Harrison, David James; Kunkler, Ian H.; Langdon, Simon (2017) - Journal article
      Hypoxic cancer cells exhibit resistance to many therapies. This study compared the therapeutic effect of targeting the pH regulatory proteins (CAIX, NHE1 and V-ATPase) that permit cancer cells to adapt to hypoxic conditions, ...