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  • First comparison of wave observations from CoMP and AIA/SDO 

    Threlfall, James William; De Moortel, Ineke; McIntosh, Scott; Bethge, Christian (2013-08) - Journal article
    Context. Waves have long been thought to contribute to the heating of the solar corona and the generation of the solar wind. Recent observations have demonstrated evidence of quasi-periodic longitudinal disturbances and ...
  • Observations and numerical models of coronal heating associated with spicules 

    De Pontieu, Bart; De Moortel, Ineke; Martinez-Sykora, Juan; McIntosh, Scott (2017-08-20) - Journal article
    Spicules have been proposed as significant contributors to the mass and energy balance of the corona. While previous observations have provided a glimpse of short-lived transient brightenings in the corona that are associated ...
  • Potential Evidence for the Onset of Alfvénic Turbulence in Trans-equatorial Coronal Loops 

    De Moortel, Ineke; McIntosh, Scott; Threlfall, James William; Bethge, Christian; Liu, J (2014-02-10) - Journal article
    This study investigates Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter Doppler-shift observations of a large, off-limb, trans-equatorial loop system observed on 2012 April 10-11. Doppler-shift oscillations with a broad range of frequencies ...