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    • The DeepMIP contribution to PMIP4 : experimental design for model simulations of the EECO, PETM, and pre-PETM (version 1.0) 

      Lunt, Daniel J.; Huber, Matthew; Anagnostou, Eleni; Baatsen, Michiel L. J.; Caballero, Rodrigo; DeConto, Rob; Dijkstra, Henk A.; Donnadieu, Yannick; Evans, David; Feng, Ran; Foster, Gavin L.; Gasson, Ed; Von Der Heydt, Anna S.; Hollis, Chris J.; Inglis, Gordon N.; Jones, Stephen M.; Kiehl, Jeff; Turner, Sandy Kirtland; Korty, Robert L.; Kozdon, Reinhardt; Krishnan, Srinath; Ladant, Jean Baptiste; Langebroek, Petra; Lear, Caroline H.; LeGrande, Allegra N.; Littler, Kate; Markwick, Paul; Otto-Bliesner, Bette; Pearson, Paul; Poulsen, Christopher J.; Salzmann, Ulrich; Shields, Christine; Snell, Kathryn; Stärz, Michael; Super, James; Tabor, Clay; Tierney, Jessica E.; Tourte, Gregory J. L.; Tripati, Aradhna; Upchurch, Garland R.; Wade, Bridget S.; Wing, Scott L.; Winguth, Arne M. E.; Wright, Nicky M.; Zachos, James C.; Zeebe, Richard E. (2017-02-23) - Journal article
      Past warm periods provide an opportunity to evaluate climate models under extreme forcing scenarios, in particular high (> 800ppmv) atmospheric CO2 concentrations. Although a post hoc intercomparison of Eocene (∼ 50 Ma) ...
    • Global warming and ocean stratification : a potential result of large extraterrestrial impacts 

      Joshi, Manoj; von Glasow, Roland; Smith, Robin S.; Paxton, Charles G. M.; Maycock, Amanda C.; Lunt, Daniel J.; Loptson, Claire; Markwick, Paul (2017-04-28) - Journal article
      The prevailing paradigm for the climatic effects of large asteroid or comet impacts is a reduction in sunlight and significant short-term cooling caused by atmospheric aerosol loading. Here we show, using global climate ...
    • Normativity and law 

      Markwick, Paul (University of St Andrews, 2000) - Thesis
      An action's illegality can be irrelevant to a reason not to perform it. A plausible example of a reason not to assault is that assault causes suffering. Since assault is illegal, the reason pertains to a legally proscribed ...