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    • Hypertension 

      Han, Alice; Helewa, Michael; Stones, William; Nathan, Hannah; Miller, Suellen; Magee, Laura A (The Global Library of Women’s Medicine, 2016) - Book item
      Defining hypertension in pregnancy is challenging because blood pressure levels in pregnancy are dynamic, having a circadian rhythm and also changing with advancing gestational age. The accepted definition is a sustained ...
    • Measurement of proteinuria 

      Côté, Anne-Marie; Mallapur, Ashalata; Katageri, Geetanjali; Ramdurg, Umesh; Bannale, Shashidhar; Wang, Li; Magee, Laura A; Miller, Suellen; Stones, William (The Global Library of Women’s Medicine, 2016) - Book item
      In pregnancy, there is a focus on measurement of proteinuria as it has been regarded as critical to the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia, the most dangerous of the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. However, it is increasingly ...