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    • An ultra-short period rocky super-Earth with a secondary eclipse and a Neptune-like companion around K2-141 

      Malavolta, Luca; Mayo, Andrew W.; Louden, Tom; Rajpaul, Vinesh M.; Bonomo, Aldo S.; Buchhave, Lars A.; Kreidberg, Laura; Kristiansen, Martti H.; Lopez-Morales, Mercedes; Mortier, Annelies; Vanderburg, Andrew; Coffinet, Adrien; Ehrenreich, David; Lovis, Christophe; Bouchy, Francois; Charbonneau, David; Ciardi, David R.; Collier Cameron, Andrew; Cosentino, Rosario; Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Damasso, Mario; Dressing, Courtney D.; Dumusque, Xavier; Everett, Mark E.; Figueira, Pedro; Fiorenzano, Aldo F. M.; Gonzales, Erica J.; Haywood, Raphaëlle D.; Harutyunyan, Avet; Hirsch, Lea; Howell, Steve B.; Johnson, John Asher; Latham, David W.; Lopez, Eric; Mayor, Michel; Micela, Giusi; Molinari, Emilio; Nascimbeni, Valerio; Pepe, Francesco; Phillips, David F.; Piotto, Giampaolo; Rice, Ken; Sasselov, Dimitar; Ségransan, Damien; Sozzetti, Alessandro; Udry, Stéphane; Watson, Chris (2018-02-09) - Journal article
      Ultra-short period (USP) planets are a class of low mass planets with periods shorter than one day. Their origin is still unknown, with photo-evaporation of mini-Neptunes and in-situ formation being the most credited ...
    • WASP-135b : a highly irradiated, inflated hot Jupiter orbiting a G5V star 

      Spake, Jessica J.; Brown, David John Alexander; Doyle, Amanda P.; Hébrard, Guillaume; McCormac, James; Armstrong, David J.; Pollacco, Don; Chew, Yilen Gómez Maqueo; Anderson, David R.; Barros, Susana C. C.; Bouchy, François; Boumis, Panayotis; Bruno, Giovanni; Cameron, Andrew Collier; Courcol, Bastien; Davies, Guy R.; Faedi, Francesca; Hellier, Coel; Kirk, James; Lam, Kristine W. F.; Liakos, Alexios; Louden, Tom; Maxted, Pierre F. L.; Osborn, Hugh P.; Palle, Enric; Arranz, Jorge Prieto; Udry, Stéphane; Walker, Simon R.; West, Richard G.; Wheatley, Peter J. (2016-01-14) - Journal article
      We report the discovery of a new transiting planet from the WASP survey. WASP-135b is a hot Jupiter with a radius of 1.30 pm 0.09 Rjup, a mass of 1.90 pm 0.08 Mjup and an orbital period of 1.401 days. Its host is a Sun-like ...