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    • Distributing entanglement with separable states 

      Peuntinger, Christian; Chille, Vanessa; Mišta, Jr., Ladislav; Korolkova, Natalia; Förtsch, Michael; Korger, Jan; Marquardt, Christoph; Leuchs, Gerd (2013-12-04) - Journal article
      Like a silver thread, quantum entanglement [1] runs through the foundations and breakthrough applications of quantum information theory. It cannot arise from local operations and classical communication (LOCC) and therefore ...
    • Entangling the whole by beam splitting a part 

      Croal, Callum; Peuntinger, Christian; Chille, Vanessa; Marquardt, Christoph; Leuchs, Gerd; Korolkova, Natalia; Mišta Jr., Ladislav (2015-11-04) - Journal article
      A beam splitter is a basic linear optical element appearing in many optics experiments and is frequently used as a continuous-variable entangler transforming a pair of input modes from a separable Gaussian state into an ...
    • Free-space quantum signatures using heterodyne measurements 

      Croal, Callum; Peuntinger, Christian; Heim, Bettina; Khan, Imran; Marquardt, Christoph; Leuchs, Gerd; Wallden, Petros; Andersson, Erika; Korolkova, Natalia (2016-09-02) - Journal article
      Digital signatures guarantee the authorship of electronic communications. Currently used "classical" signature schemes rely on unproven computational assumptions for security, while quantum signatures rely only on the laws ...