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    • Analytical theory of Hawking radiation in dispersive media 

      Leonhardt, Ulf; Robertson, Scott (2012-05-03) - Journal article
      Hawking's 1974 prediction that black holes radiate and evaporate has been hinting at a hidden connection between general relativity, quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. Recently, laboratory analogues of the event horizon ...
    • Casimir forces for inhomogeneous planar media 

      Xiong, Chun; Kelsey, Tom; Linton, Stephen Alexander; Leonhardt, Ulf (2013-01-25) - Book item
      Casimir forces arise from vacuum uctuations. They are fully understood only for simple models, and are important in nano- and microtechnologies. We report our experience of computer algebra calculations towards the Casimir ...
    • Comment on 'Quantum Friction-Fact or Fiction?' 

      Leonhardt, Ulf (2010-06-04) - Journal item
      If quantum friction existed (Pendry 2010 New J. Phys. 12 033028) an unlimited amount of useful energy could be extracted from the quantum vacuum and Lifshitz theory would fail. Both are unlikely to be true.
    • The enigma of imaging in the Maxwell fisheye medium 

      Sahebdivan(i), Sahar (University of St Andrews, 2016-11-30) - Thesis
      The resolution of optical instruments is normally limited by the wave nature of light. Circumventing this limit, known as the diffraction limit of imaging, is of tremendous practical importance for modern science and ...
    • Evidence for subwavelength imaging with positive refraction 

      Ma, Yun Gui; Sahebdivan, Sahar; Ong, C. K.; Tyc, Tomas; Leonhardt, Ulf (2011-03-09) - Journal article
      The resolution of lenses is normally limited by the wave nature of light. Imaging with perfect resolution was believed to rely on negative refraction, but here we present experimental evidence for subwavelength imaging ...
    • Hawking radiation in dispersive media 

      Robertson, Scott James (University of St Andrews, 2011-06-24) - Thesis
      Hawking radiation, despite its presence in theoretical physics for over thirty years, remains elusive and undetected. It also suffers, in its original context of gravitational black holes, from conceptual difficulties. Of ...
    • Horizon effects with surface waves on moving water 

      Rousseau, G.; Maissa, P.; Coullet, P.; Philbin, Thomas Gerard; Leonhardt, Ulf (2010-09) - Journal article
      Surface waves on a stationary flow of water are considered in a linear model that includes the surface tension of the fluid. The resulting gravity-capillary waves experience a rich array of horizon effects when propagating ...
    • Invisibility cloaking without superluminal propagation 

      Perczel, Janos; Tyc, Tomas; Leonhardt, Ulf (2011-08-08) - Journal article
      Conventional cloaking based on Euclidean transformation optics requires that the speed of light should tend to infinity on the inner surface of the cloak. Non-Euclidean cloaking still needs media with superluminal propagation. ...
    • Luneburg lens in silicon photonics 

      Di Falco, Andrea; Kehr, Susanne C.; Leonhardt, Ulf (2011-03-14) - Journal article
      The Luneburg lens is an aberration-free lens that focuses light from all directions equally well. We fabricated and tested a Luneburg lens in silicon photonics. Such fully-integrated lenses may become the building blocks ...
    • Reply to comment on 'Perfect imaging without negative refraction' 

      Leonhardt, Ulf (2010-05-20) - Journal item
      I reply to the comment on my paper made by Blaikie 2010 New J. Phys. 12 058001.
    • Reply to comment on 'Perfect imaging without negative refraction' 

      Leonhardt, Ulf (2011-02-25) - Journal item
      We reply to the comment on our paper made by Kinsler and Favaro 2011 New J. Phys. 13 028001.
    • Simulating ultracold matter: horizons and slow light 

      Farrell, Conor (University of St Andrews, 2008-06-19) - Thesis
      This thesis explores the links between different ways of modelling the physical world. Finite difference numerical simulations may be used to encode the behaviour of physical systems, allowing us to gain insight into their ...
    • Surprises in theoretical Casimir physics : quantum forces in inhomogeneous media 

      Simpson, William M. R. (University of St Andrews, 2014-06-25) - Thesis
      This thesis considers the problem of determining Casimir-Lifshitz forces in inhomogeneous media. The ground-state energy of the electromagnetic field in a piston-geometry is discussed. When the cavity is empty, the ...