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    • Advanced model compounds for understanding acid catalyzed lignin depolymerization: identification of renewable aromatics and a lignin-derived solvent 

      Lahive, Ciaran; Deuss, Peter J.; Lancefield, Christopher Stuart; Sun, Zhuohua; Cordes, David B.; Young, Claire M.; Tran, Fanny; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; de Vries, Johannes G.; Kamer, Paul C. J.; Westwood, Nicholas J.; Barta, Katalin (2016-07-20) - Journal article
      The development of fundamentally new approaches for lignin depolymerization is challenged by the complexity of this aromatic biopolymer. While overly simplified model compounds often lack relevance to the chemistry of ...
    • Metal triflates for the production of aromatics from lignin 

      Deuss, Peter Joseph; Lahive, Ciaran; Lancefield, Christopher Stuart; Westwood, Nicholas James; Kamer, Paul C J; Barta, Katalin; de Vries, Johannes G. (2016-10-20) - Journal article
      The depolymerization of lignin into valuable aromatic chemicals is one of the key goals towards establishing economically viable biorefineries. In this contribution we present a simple approach for converting lignin to ...