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    • Evolutionary trade-offs underlie the multi-faceted virulence of Staphylococcus aureus 

      Laabei, Maisem; Uhlemann, Anne-Catrin; Lowy, Franklin D; Austin, Eloise D; Yokoyama, Maho; Ouadi, Khadija; Feil, Edward; Thorpe, Harry A; Williams, Barnabas; Perkins, Mark; Peacock, Sharon J; Clarke, Stephen R; Dordel, Janina; Holden, Matthew; Votintseva, Antonina A; Bowden, Rory; Crook, Derrick W; Young, Bernadette C; Wilson, Daniel J; Recker, Mario; Massey, Ruth C (2015-09-02) - Journal article
      Bacterial virulence is a multifaceted trait where the interactions between pathogen and host factors affect the severity and outcome of the infection. Toxin secretion is central to the biology of many bacterial pathogens ...
    • Predicting the virulence of MRSA from its genome sequence 

      Laabei, Maisem; Recker, Mario; Rudkin, Justine K; Aldeljawi, Mona; Gulay, Zeynep; Sloan, Tim J; Williams, Paul; Endres, Jennifer L; Bayles, Kenneth W; Fey, Paul D; Yajjala, Vijaya Kumar; Widhelm, Todd; Hawkins, Erica; Lewis, Katie; Parfett, Sara; Scowen, Lucy; Peacock, Sharon J; Holden, Matthew; Wilson, Daniel; Read, Timothy D; van den Elsen, Jean; Priest, Nicholas K; Feil, Edward J; Hurst, Laurence D; Josefsson, Elisabet; Massey, Ruth C (2014-04-09) - Journal article
      Microbial virulence is a complex and often multifactorial phenotype, intricately linked to a pathogen's evolutionary trajectory. Toxicity, the ability to destroy host cell membranes, and adhesion, the ability to adhere to ...