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    • Biologically inspired vision for human-robot interaction 

      Saleiro, Mario; Farrajota, Miguel; Terzić, Kasim; Krishna, Sai; Rodrigues, João M.F.; du Buf, J. M.Hans (Springer, 2015) - Conference item
      Human-robot interaction is an interdisciplinary research area that is becoming more and more relevant as robots start to enter our homes, workplaces, schools, etc. In order to navigate safely among us, robots must be able ...
    • A parametric spectral model for texture-based salience 

      Terzić, Kasim; Krishna, Sai; Du Buf, J. M.H. (Springer, 2015) - Conference item
      We present a novel saliency mechanism based on texture. Local texture at each pixel is characterised by the 2D spectrum obtained from oriented Gabor filters. We then apply a parametric model and describe the texture at ...
    • Texture features for object salience 

      Terzić, Kasim; Krishna, Sai; du Buf, J. M. H. (2017-11) - Journal article
      Although texture is important for many vision-related tasks, it is not used in most salience models. As a consequence, there are images where all existing salience algorithms fail. We introduce a novel set of texture ...