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    • Future directions in Eubalaena spp. : comparative research to inform conservation 

      Harcourt, Rob; van der Hoop, Julie; Kraus, Scott; Carroll, Emma L. (2019-01-30) - Journal article
      All three extant right whales [Eubalaena australis (Southern; SRW), glacialis (North Atlantic; NARW), and japonica (North Pacific; NPRW)] were heavily exploited, and the status of the two northern hemisphere species remains ...
    • Using short-term measures of behaviour to estimate long-term fitness of southern elephant seals. 

      New, Leslie Frances; Clark, James; Costa, Daniel; Fleishman, Erica; Hindell, Mark; Klanjšček, Tin; Lusseau, David; Kraus, Scott; McMahon, Clive; Robinson, Patrick; Schick, Robert Schilling; Schwartz, Lisa; Simmons, Samantha; Thomas, Len; Tyack, Peter Lloyd; Harwood, John (2014-01-27) - Journal article
      Environmental changes (a type of disturbance) are altering the habitat of southern elephant seals Mirounga leonina, an apex marine predator in the Southern Ocean. As a result, individuals may shift their behaviour, spending ...