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    • Few-cycle fiber pulse compression and evolution of negative resonant radiation 

      McLenaghan, J.; Koenig, Friedrich Ernst Wilhelm (2014-06-10) - Journal article
      We present experimental observations of the spectral expansion of fs-pulses compressing in optical fibers. Using the input pulse frequency chirp we are able to scan through the pulse compression spectra and observe in ...
    • Negative frequency at the horizon : scattering of light at a refractive index front 

      Jacquet, Maxime J. (University of St Andrews, 2017-12-07) - Thesis
      This thesis considers the problem of calculating and observing the mixing of modes of positive and negative frequency in inhomogeneous, dispersive media. Scattering of vacuum modes of the electromagnetic field at a moving ...
    • Quantum vacuum emission from a refractive-index front 

      Jacquet, Maxime Jules Roland; Koenig, Friedrich Ernst Wilhelm (2015-08-28) - Journal article
      A moving boundary separating two otherwise homogeneous regions of a dielectric is known to emit radiation from the quantum vacuum. An analytical framework based on the Hopfield model, describing a moving refractive-index ...