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    • Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) : morphological transformation of galaxies across the green valley 

      Bremer, M. N.; Phillipps, S.; Kelvin, L. S.; Propris, R. De; Kennedy, Rebecca; Moffett, Amanda J.; Bamford, S.; Davies, L. J. M.; Driver, S. P.; Häußler, B.; Holwerda, B.; Hopkins, A.; James, P. A.; Liske, J.; Percival, S.; Taylor, E. N. (2018-05-01) - Journal article
      We explore constraints on the joint photometric and morphological evolution of typical low redshift galaxies as they move from the blue cloud through the green valley and on to the red sequence. We select Galaxy And Mass ...
    • Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) : the stellar mass budget by galaxy type 

      Moffett, Amanda J.; Ingarfield, Stephen A.; Driver, Simon Peter; Robotham, Aaron S. G.; Kelvin, Lee S.; Lange, Rebecca; Meštrić, Uroš; Alpaslan, Mehmet; Baldry, Ivan K.; Bland-Hawthorn, Joss; Brough, Sarah; Cluver, Michelle E.; Davies, Luke J. M.; Holwerda, Benne W.; Hopkins, Andrew M.; Kafle, Prajwal R.; Kennedy, Rebecca; Norberg, Peder; Taylor, Edward N. (2016-04-01) - Journal article
      We report an expanded sample of visual morphological classifications from the Galaxy and Mass Assembly survey phase two, which now includes 7556 objects (previously 3727 in phase one). We define a local (z 
    • Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) : trends in galaxy colours, morphology, and stellar populations with large-scale structure, group, and pair environments 

      Alpaslan, Mehmet; Driver, Simon; Robotham, Aaron S. G.; Obreschkow, Danail; Andrae, Ellen; Cluver, Michelle; Kelvin, Lee S.; Lange, Rebecca; Owers, Matt; Taylor, Edward N.; Andrews, Stephen K.; Bamford, Steven; Bland-Hawthorn, Joss; Brough, Sarah; Brown, Michael J. I.; Colless, Matthew; Davies, Luke J. M.; Eardley, Elizabeth; Grootes, Meiert W.; Hopkins, Andrew M.; Kennedy, Rebecca; Liske, Jochen; Lara-López, Maritza A.; López-Sánchez, Ángel R.; Loveday, Jon; Madore, Barry F.; Mahajan, Smriti; Meyer, Martin; Moffett, Amanda; Norberg, Peder; Penny, Samantha; Pimbblet, Kevin A.; Popescu, Cristina C.; Seibert, Mark; Tuffs, Richard (2015-08-11) - Journal article
      We explore trends in galaxy properties with Mpc-scale structures using catalogues of environment and large-scale structure from the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey. Existing GAMA catalogues of large-scale structure, ...
    • Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) : understanding the wavelength dependence of galaxy structure with bulge-disc decompositions 

      Kennedy, Rebecca; Bamford, Steven P.; Häußler, Boris; Baldry, Ivan; Bremer, Malcolm; Brough, Sarah; Brown, Michael J. I.; Driver, Simon; Duncan, Kenneth; Graham, Alister W.; Holwerda, Benne W.; Hopkins, Andrew M.; Kelvin, Lee S.; Lange, Rebecca; Phillipps, Steven; Vika, Marina; Vulcani, Benedetta (2016-08-21) - Journal article
      With a large sample of bright, low-redshift galaxies with optical-near-IR imaging from the GAMA survey we use bulge-disc decompositions to understand the wavelength-dependent behaviour of single-Sérsic structural measurements. ...
    • Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): M⋆--Re relations of z = 0 bulges, discs and spheroids 

      Lange, Rebecca; Moffett, Amanda J.; Driver, Simon P.; Robotham, Aaron S. G.; Lagos, Claudia del P.; Kelvin, Lee S.; Conselice, Christopher; Margalef-Bentabol, Berta; Alpaslan, Mehmet; Baldry, Ivan; Bland-Hawthorn, Joss; Bremer, Malcolm; Brough, Sarah; Cluver, Michelle; Colless, Matthew; Davies, Luke J. M.; Häußler, Boris; Holwerda, Benne W.; Hopkins, Andrew M.; Kafle, Prajwal R.; Kennedy, Rebecca; Liske, Jochen; Phillipps, Steven; Popescu, Cristina C.; Taylor, Edward N.; Tuffs, Richard; van Kampen, Eelco; Wright, Angus H. (2016-10-21) - Journal article
      We perform automated bulge + disc decomposition on a sample of ∼7500 galaxies from the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey in the redshift range of 0.002 < z < 0.06 using Structural Investigation of Galaxies via Model ...