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  • Continuum tuning of nanoparticle interfacial properties by dynamic covalent exchange 

    Edwards, William; Marro, Nicolas; Turner, Grace; Kay, Euan R. (2018-01-07) - Journal article
    Surface chemical composition is fundamental to determining properties on the nanoscale, making precise control over surface chemistry critical to being able to optimise nanomaterials for virtually any application. ...
  • Dynamic covalent assembly and disassembly of nanoparticle aggregates 

    Borsley, Stefan; Kay, Euan R. (2016-07-25) - Journal article
    The quantitative assembly and disassembly of a new type of dynamic covalent nanoparticle (NP) building block is reported. In situ spectroscopic characterization reveals constitutionally adaptive NP-bound monolayers of ...
  • Rise of the molecular machines 

    Kay, Euan R.; Leigh, David A. (2015-08-20) - Journal article
  • Successive translocation of the rings in a [3]rotaxane 

    Jagesar, Dhiredj C.; Wiering, Piet G.; Kay, Euan R.; Leigh, David A.; Brouwer, Albert M. (2016-06-17) - Journal article
    A [2]rotaxane, a [3]rotaxane and the corresponding thread containing two succinamide (succ) binding stations and a central redox-active pyromellitimide (pmi) station were studied. Infrared spectroelectrochemical experiments ...