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    • Aspects of action in narrative 

      Morgan, Clark (University of St Andrews, 1993-07) - Thesis
      The purpose of this thesis is to describe the way in which "unified action" functions within stories. Taking Aristotle's Poetics as a point of departure, the first chapter defines unified action as a disturbance, problem, ...
    • Aspects of the representation of penance in selected Middle English texts : image and exemplum 

      Wilcox, Karl Gilbert (University of St Andrews, 1991-07) - Thesis
      In this dissertation Middle English figural and narrative representations of penance are assessed for their rhetorical function in the teaching of penance and their intended influence, as representational modes, upon lay ...
    • Towards a Christian literary theory 

      Ferretter, Luke (University of St Andrews, 1999-01) - Thesis
      Most contemporary literary theories are either explicitly or implicitly atheistic. This thesis describes a literary theory whose principles are derived from or consistent with Christian theology. It argues against modern ...