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    • Let’s get physical: promoting data physicalization in workshop formats 

      Huron, Samuel; Gourlet, Pauline; Hinrichs, Uta; Hogan, Trevor; Jansen, Yvonne (ACM, 2017-06-10) - Conference item
      In this pictorial, we present a method to facilitate hands-on physicalization processes during workshops. Data physicalization - encoding data in physical artefacts - allows for new ways to represent and communicate data ...
    • Pedagogy & physicalization: designing learning activities around physical data representations 

      Hogan, Trevor; Hinrichs, Uta; Jansen, Yvonne; Huron, Samuel; Gourlet, Pauline; Hornecker, Eva; Nissen, Bettina (ACM, 2017-06-10) - Conference item
      Research in sonification and physicalization have expanded data representation techniques to include senses beyond the visual. Yet, little is known of how people interpret and make sense of haptic and sonic compared to ...