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    • Constructing 2-generated subgroups of the group of homeomorphisms of Cantor space 

      Hyde, James Thomas (University of St Andrews, 2017) - Thesis
      We study finite generation, 2-generation and simplicity of subgroups of H[sub]c, the group of homeomorphisms of Cantor space. In Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 we run through foundational concepts and notation. In Chapter 3 we ...
    • On the growth of generating sets for direct powers of semigroups 

      Hyde, James Thomas; Loughlin, Nicholas; Quick, Martyn; Ruskuc, Nik; Wallis, Alistair (2012) - Journal article
      For a semigroup S its d-sequence is d(S) = (d1, d2, d3, . . .), where di is the smallest number of elements needed to generate the ith direct power of S. In this paper we present a number of facts concerning the type of ...