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    • The refined physical properties of transiting exoplanetary system WASP-11/HAT-P-10 

      Wang, Xiao-bin; Gu, Sheng-hong; Collier Cameron, Andrew; Wang, Yi-bo; Hui, Ho-Keung; Kwok, Chi-Tai; Yeung, Bill; Leung, Kam-Cheung (2014-03-18) - Journal article
      The transiting exoplanetary system WASP-11/HAT-P-10 was observed using the CCD camera at Yunnan Observatories, China from 2008 to 2011, and four new transit light curves were obtained. Combined with published radial velocity ...
    • Refined system parameters and TTV study of transiting exoplanetary system HAT-P-20 

      Sun, Leilei; Gu, Shenghong; Wang, Xiaobin; Cameron, Andrew Collier; Cao, Dongtao; Wang, Yibo; Xiang, Yue; Hui, Ho-Keung; Kwok, Chi-Tai; Yeung, Bill; Ng, Eric; Horta, Ferran Grau (2016-12-28) - Journal article
      We report new photometric observations of the transiting exoplanetary system HAT-P-20, obtained using CCD cameras at Yunnan Observatories and Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre, China, from 2010 to 2013, and ...