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    • Thin high numerical aperture metalens 

      Kotlyar, V. V.; Nalimov, A. G.; Stafeev, S. S.; Hu, Changyu; O'Faolain, L.; Kotlyar, M. V.; Gibson, D.; Song, S. (2017-04-03) - Journal article
      We designed, fabricated, and characterized a thin metalens in an amorphous silicon film of diameter 30 µm, focal length equal to the incident wavelength 633 nm. The lens is capable of simultaneously manipulating the state ...
    • Tunable optical buffer through an analogue to electromagnetically induced transparency in coupled photonic crystal cavities 

      Hu, Changyu; Schulz, Sebastian A.; Liles, Alexandros A.; O'Faolain, Liam (2018-05-16) - Journal article
      Tunable on-chip optical delay has long been a key target for the research community, as it is the enabling technology behind delay lines, signal retiming and other applications vital to optical signal processing. To date, ...
    • Wavelength stability in a hybrid photonic crystal laser through controlled nonlinear absorptive heating in the reflector 

      Bakoz, Andrei P.; Liles, Alexandros A.; Gonzalez-Fernandez, Alfredo A.; Habruseva, Tatiana; Hu, Changyu; Viktorov, Evgeny A.; Hegarty, Stephen P.; O’Faolain, Liam (2018-07-25) - Journal article
      The need for miniaturized, fully integrated semiconductor lasers has stimulated significant research efforts into realizing unconventional configurations that can meet the performance requirements of a large spectrum of ...