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    • Absence of giant spin splitting in the two-dimensional electron liquid at the surface of SrTiO3 (001) 

      McKeown Walker, S; Riccò, S; Bruno, F Y; de la Torre, A; Tamai, A; Golias, E; Varykhalov, A; Marchenko, D; Hoesch, M; Bahramy, M S; King, Philip David; Sánchez-Barriga, J; Baumberger, F (2016-06-22) - Journal article
      We reinvestigate the putative giant spin splitting at the surface of SrTiO3 reported by Santander-Syro et al. [Nature Mat. 13, 1085 (2014)]. Our spin- and angle-resolved photoemission experiments on fractured (001) oriented ...
    • Crossover from lattice to plasmonic polarons of a spin-polarised electron gas in ferromagnetic EuO 

      Riley, Jonathon Mark; Caruso, F; Verdi, C; Duffy, L; Watson, Matthew David; Bawden, Lewis; Volckaert, K; van der Laan, G; Hesjedal, T; Hoesch, M; Giustino, F; King, Philip David (2018-06-13) - Journal article
      Strong many-body interactions in solids yield a host of fascinating and potentially useful physical properties. Here, from angle-resolved photoemission experiments and ab-initio many-body calculations, we demonstrate how ...