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    • The continuing story of SN IIb 2013df: new optical and IR observations and analysis 

      Szalai, Tamás; Vinkó, József; Nagy, Andrea P.; Silverman, Jeffrey M.; Wheeler, J. Craig; Dhungana, Govinda; Marion, G. Howie; Kehoe, Robert; Fox, Ori D.; Sárneczky, Krisztián; Marschalkó, Gábor; Bíró, Barna I.; Borkovits, Tamás; Hegedüs, Tibor; Szakáts, Róbert; Ferrante, Farley V.; Bányai, Evelin; Hodosán, Gabriella; Kelemen, János; Pál, András (2016-08-01) - Journal article
      SN 2013df is a nearby Type IIb supernova that seems to be the spectroscopic twin of the well-known SN 1993J. Previous studies revealed many, but not all interesting properties of this event. Our goal was to add new ...
    • Is lightning a possible source of the radio emission on HAT-P-11b? 

      Hodosán, Gabriella; Rimmer, Paul B.; Helling, Christiane (2016-09-11) - Journal article
      Lightning induced radio emission has been observed on Solar System planets. There have been many attempts to observe exoplanets in the radio wavelength, however, no unequivocal detection has been reported. Lecavelier des ...
    • Lightning on exoplanets and brown dwarfs 

      Hodosán, Gabriella (University of St Andrews, 2017-12-07) - Thesis
      Lightning is an important electrical phenomenon, known to exist in several Solar System planets. Amongst others, it carries information on convection and cloud formation, and may be important for pre-biotic chemistry. ...