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    • Estimating resource acquisition and at-sea body condition of a marine predator 

      Schick, Robert Schilling; New, Leslie; Thomas, Len; Costa, Daniel; Hindell, Mark; McMahon, Clive; Robinson, Patrick; Simmons, Samantha; Thums, Michele; Harwood, John; Clark, James (2013) - Journal article
      (1) Body condition plays a fundamental role in many ecological and evolutionary processes at a variety of scales and across a broad range of animal taxa. An understanding of how body condition changes at fine spatial and ...
    • In-situ observations using tagged animals 

      Roquet, Fabien; Boehme, Lars; Bester, Marthan; Bornemann, Horst; Brasseur, Sophie; Charrassin, Jean-Benoit; Costa, Daniel; Fedak, Michael Andre; Guinet, Christophe; Hall, Ailsa Jane; Harcourt, Robert; Hindell, Mark; Kovacs, Kit M.; Lea, Mary-Anne; Lovell, Philip; Lowther, Andrew; Lydersen, Christian; McMahon, Clive; Picard, Baptiste; Reverdin, Gilles; Vincent, Cécile (2017-02-21) - Conference paper
      Marine mammals help gather information on some of the harshest environments on the planet, through the use of miniaturized ocean sensors glued on their fur. Since 2004, hundreds of diving marine animals, mainly Antarctic ...
    • Using short-term measures of behaviour to estimate long-term fitness of southern elephant seals. 

      New, Leslie Frances; Clark, James; Costa, Daniel; Fleishman, Erica; Hindell, Mark; Klanjšček, Tin; Lusseau, David; Kraus, Scott; McMahon, Clive; Robinson, Patrick; Schick, Robert Schilling; Schwartz, Lisa; Simmons, Samantha; Thomas, Len; Tyack, Peter Lloyd; Harwood, John (2014-01-27) - Journal article
      Environmental changes (a type of disturbance) are altering the habitat of southern elephant seals Mirounga leonina, an apex marine predator in the Southern Ocean. As a result, individuals may shift their behaviour, spending ...