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    • Discovery of a novel ligand that modulates the protein-protein interactions of the AAA+ superfamily oncoprotein reptin 

      Healy, Alan; Houston, Douglas R.; Remnant, Lucy; Huart, Anne-Sophie; Brychtova, Veronika; Maslon, Magda M.; Meers, Olivia; Muller, Petr; Krecji, Adam; Blackburn, Elizabeth M.; Vojtesek, B.; Hernychova, Lenka; Walkinshaw, M. D.; Westwood, Nicholas James; Hupp, Ted (2015) - Journal article
      Developing approaches to discover protein-protein interactions (PPIs) remains a fundamental challenge. A chemical biology platform is applied here to identify novel PPIs for the AAA+ superfamily oncoprotein reptin. An in ...
    • Stereochemical assignment of the protein-protein interaction inhibitor JBIR-22 by total synthesis 

      Healy, Alan; Izumikawa, Miho; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Shin-ya, Kazuo; Westwood, Nicholas James (2015-03-23) - Journal article
      Recent reports have highlighted the biological activity associated with a sub-family of the tetramic acid class of natural products. Despite the fact that members of this sub-family act as protein-protein interaction ...