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  • Commutative justice 

    Mildenberger, Carl David (University of St Andrews, 2016-12-01) - Thesis
    The purpose of this thesis is to present a conception of commutative justice. Commutative justice is defined as that part of justice in transfer (as opposed to justice in acquisition as well as distributive or rectificatory ...
  • Early eighteenth-century British moral philosophers and the possibility of virtue 

    Veitch, Emma (University of St Andrews, 2017-10-02) - Thesis
    The general aim of this thesis is to further undermine the convention that British moral philosophy of the early eighteenth century is best conceived as a struggle between rationalist and sentimentalist epistemologies. I ...
  • John Locke on persons and personal identity 

    Boeker, Ruth (University of St Andrews, 2013-06-27) - Thesis
    John Locke claims both that ‘person’ is a forensic term and that personal identity consists in sameness of consciousness. The aim of my dissertation is to explain and critically assess how Locke links his moral and legal ...