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    • Crumbs 3b promotes tight junctions in an ezrin-dependent manner in mammalian cells 

      Tilston-Lunel, Andrew Martin; Haley, Kathryn; Schlecht, Nicolas; Wang, Yanhua; Chatterton, Abigail Louise Dougal; Moleirinho, Susana Luisa; Watson, Ailsa; Hundal, Harinder; Prystowsky, Michael; Gunn-Moore, Francis James; Reynolds, Paul Andrew (2016-10) - Journal article
      Crumbs3 (CRB3) is a component of epithelial junctions that has been implicated in apical-basal polarity, apical identity, apical stability, cell adhesion and cell growth. CRB3 undergoes alternative splicing to yield two ...
    • Identification of novel podocyte stress-response mechanisms in vitro 

      Haley, Kathryn (University of St Andrews, 2018) - Thesis
    • Podocyte injury elicits loss and recovery of cellular forces 

      Haley, Kathryn; Kronenberg, Nils Michael; Liehm, Philipp; Elshani, Mustafa; Bell, Cameron; Harrison, David James; Gather, Malte Christian; Reynolds, Paul Andrew (2018-06-27) - Journal article
      In the healthy kidney, specialized cells called podocytes form a sophisticated blood filtration apparatus that allows excretion of wastes and excess fluid from the blood while preventing loss of proteins such as albumin. ...