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  • Selective NaOH-catalysed hydration of aromatic nitriles to amides 

    Schmid, Thibault; Gomez Herrera, Alberto; Songis, Olivier; Sneddon, Deborah; Révolte, Antoine; Nahra, Fady; Cazin, Catherine S.J. (2015-05-01) - Journal article
    The selective synthesis of aromatic and heteroaromatic amides through base-catalysed hydration of nitriles was achieved using inexpensive and commercially available NaOH as the only catalyst. A wide range of nitriles was ...
  • Transition metal bifluorides 

    Nahra, Fady; Brill, Marcel; Gomez Herrera, Alberto; Cazin, Catherine S.J.; Nolan, Steven Patrick (2016-01-15) - Journal article
    Since its initial discovery, four decades ago, transition metal bifluoride chemistry has exhibited a slow growth, mainly due to problems associated with synthesis and characterization. Until recently, reports on this ...