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    • Cetacean abundance and distribution in European Atlantic shelf waters to inform conservation and management 

      Hammond, Philip Steven; Macleod, Kelly; Berggren, Per; Borchers, David Louis; Burt, M Louise; Cañadas, Ana; Desportes, Genevieve; Donovan, Greg P; Gilles, Anita; Gillespie, Douglas Michael; Gordon, Jonathan Charles David; Hiby, Lex; Kuklik, Iwona; Leaper, Russell; Lehnert, Kristina; Leopold, Mardik; Lovell, Philip; Øien, Nils; Paxton, Charles G. M.; Ridoux, Vincent; Rogan, Emer; Samarra, Filipa Isabel Pereira; Scheidat, Meike; Sequeira, Marina; Siebert, Ursula; Skov, Henrik; Swift, Rene James; Tasker, Mark; Teilmann, Jonas; Van Canneyt, Olivier; Vázquez, José Antonio (2013-08) - Journal article
      The European Union (EU) Habitats Directive requires Member States to monitor and maintain at favourable conservation status those species identified to be in need of protection, including all cetaceans. In July 2005 we ...
    • The effects of acoustic misclassification on cetacean species abundance estimation 

      Caillat, Marjolaine Annie; Thomas, Len; Gillespie, Douglas Michael (2013-12-25) - Journal article
      To estimate the density or abundance of a cetacean species using acoustic detection data, it is necessary to correctly identify the species that are detected. Developing an automated species classifier with 100% correct ...
    • Large scale surveys for cetaceans : line transect assumptions, reliability of abundance estimates and improving survey efficiency – A response to MacLeod 

      Hammond, Philip Steven; Gillespie, Douglas Michael; Lovell, Philip; Samarra, Filipa Isabel Pereira; Swift, Rene James; Macleod, Kelly; Tasker, Mark L; Berggren, Per; Borchers, David Louis; Burt, M Louise; Paxton, Charles G. M.; Canadas, Ana; Desportes, Genevieve; Donovan, Greg P; Gilles, Anita; Lehnert, Kristina; Siebert, Ursula; Gordon, Jonathan Charles David; Leaper, Russell; Leopold, Mardik; Scheidat, Meike; Oien, Nils; Ridoux, Vincent; Rogan, Emer; Skov, Henrik; Teilmann, Jonas; Van Canneyt, Olivier; Vazquez, Jose Antonio (2014-02) - Journal item
    • Passive acoustic methods for fine-scale tracking of harbour porpoises in tidal rapids 

      MacAulay, Jamie Donald John; Gordon, Jonathan Charles David; Gillespie, Douglas Michael; Malinka, Chloe Elizabeth; Northridge, Simon Patrick (2017-02) - Journal article
      The growing interest in generating electrical power from tidal currents using tidal turbine generators raises a number of environmental concerns, including the risk that marine mammals might be injured or killed through ...
    • Photo-grammetric measurements of swimming speed and body length of basking sharks observed around the Hebrides, Scotland 

      Lacey, Claire; Leaper, Russell; Moscrop, Anna; Gillespie, Douglas Michael; McLanaghan, Richard; Brown, Steve (2010-03) - Journal article
      Photo-grammetric techniques developed for measuring body length and small scale movement patterns of cetaceans were applied to surface swimming basking sharks off the west coast of Scotland. These methods removed the need ...