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    • Organic solar cells based on acceptor-functionalized diketopyrrolopyrrole derivatives 

      Ghosh, Sanjay Sanatan; Serrano, Luis A.; Ebenhoch, Bernd; Rotello, Vince; Cooke, Graeme; Samuel, Ifor David William (2015-06) - Journal article
      The synthesis and characterization of three solution processable diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) derivatives featuring acceptor units attached to the core by alkyne linker units is reported. Cyclic voltammetry and DFT calculations ...
    • Solution-processable silicon phthalocyanines in electroluminescent and photovoltaic devices 

      Zysman-Colman, Eli; Ghosh, Sanjay Sanatan; Xie, Guohua; Varghese, Shinto; Chowdhury, Mithun; Sharma, Nidhi; Cordes, David Bradford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Samuel, Ifor David William (2016-04-13) - Journal article
      Phthalocyanines and their main group and metal complexes are important classes of organic semiconductor materials, but are usually highly insoluble so frequently need to be processed by vacuum deposition in devices. We ...
    • Unprecedented strongly panchromic absorption from proton switchable iridium(III) azoimidazolate complexes 

      Henwood, Adam Francis; Hu, Yue; Sajjad, Muhammad Tariq; Thalluri, Venkata Visveswara Gopala Krishna; Ghosh, Sanjay Sanatan; Cordes, David Bradford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Samuel, Ifor David William; Robertson, Neil; Zysman-Colman, Eli (2015-12) - Journal article
      Two novel heteroleptic iridium(III) complexes bearing an aryldiazoimidazole ligand are reported. These complexes differ structurally with respect to the protonation state of the imidazole ring, but can be independently ...