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    • Inhibition of pH regulation as a therapeutic strategy in hypoxic human breast cancer cells 

      Meehan, James; Ward, Carol; Turnbull, Arran; Bukowski-Wills, Jimi; Finch, Andrew; Jarman, Edward J.; Xintaropoulou, Chrysi; Martinez-Perez, Carlos; Gray, Mark; Pearson, Matthew; Mullen, Peter; Supuran, Claudia T.; Carta, Fabrizio; Harrison, David James; Kunkler, Ian H.; Langdon, Simon (2017) - Journal article
      Hypoxic cancer cells exhibit resistance to many therapies. This study compared the therapeutic effect of targeting the pH regulatory proteins (CAIX, NHE1 and V-ATPase) that permit cancer cells to adapt to hypoxic conditions, ...
    • Kdm3a lysine demethylase is an Hsp90 client required for cytoskeletal rearrangements during spermatogenesis 

      Kasioulis, Ioannis; Syred, Heather M.; Tate, Peri; Finch, Andrew; Shaw, Joseph; Seawright, Anne; Fuszard, Matthew Alexander; Botting, Catherine H.; Shirran, Sally; Adams, Ian R.; Jackson, Ian J.; van Heyningen, Veronica; Yeyati, Patricia L. (2014-04-15) - Journal article
      The lysine demethylase Kdm3a (Jhdm2a, Jmjd1a) is required for male fertility, sex determination, and metabolic homeostasis through its nuclear role in chromatin remodeling. Many histone-modifying enzymes have additional ...
    • Linear and nonlinear optical pulse characterisation 

      Finch, Andrew (University of St Andrews, 1989-07) - Thesis
      Developmental work on the generation and measurement of ultrashort pulses has been performed. A colliding pulse, passively mode-locked (CPM) ring dye laser has been investigated by spectral analysis and the nonlinear ...