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    • Pädiatrische versorgungskonzepte in Europa 

      Weber, Martin W; Backhaus, Sophia; Chukwujama, Obiora; Fenski, Friederike; Henking, Christoph; Schatte, Laura; Aleman-Diaz, Aixa Y (2018-01-19) - Journal article
      To promote children’s health in Europe, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed the European child and adolescent health strategy 2015–2020, which is supported and will be implemented by all Member States (MS). In ...
    • ‘Talkin’ ‘bout my generation’: using a mixed-methods approach to explore changes in adolescent well-being across several European countries 

      Cosma, Alina Paula; Belic, Jelisaveta; Blecha, Ondřej; Fenski, Friederike; Lo, Man Y.; Murar, Filip; Petrovic, Darjia; Stella, Maria T. (2017-05-18) - Journal article
      The promotion of positive mental health is a becoming priority worldwide. Despite all the efforts invested in preventive and curative work, it is estimated that one in four persons will experience a mental health condition ...