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    • Axonal localization of integrins in the CNS is neuronal type and age dependent 

      Andrews, Melissa Renee; Soleman, Sara; Cheah, Menghon; Tumbarello, David; Mason, Matthew; Moloney, Elizabeth; Verhaagen, Joost; Bensadoun, Jean-Charles; Schneider, Bernard; Aebischer, Patrick; Fawcett, James (2016-07) - Journal article
      The regenerative ability of CNS axons decreases with age however this ability remains largely intact in PNS axons throughout adulthood. These differences are likely to correspond with age-related silencing of proteins ...
    • Expression of an activated integrin promotes long-distance sensory axon regeneration in the spinal cord 

      Cheah, Menghon; Andrews, Melissa Renee; Chew, Daniel; Moloney, Elizabeth; Verhaagen, Joost; Fassler, Reinhard; Fawcett, James (2016-07-06) - Journal article
      After CNS injury, axon regeneration is blocked by an inhibitory environment consisting of the highly upregulated tenascin-C and chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans (CSPGs). Tenascin-C promotes growth of axons if they express ...