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  • Dropout dynamics in pulsed quantum dot lasers due to mode jumping 

    Sokolovskii, G. S.; Viktorov, E. A.; Abusaa, M.; Danckaert, J.; Dudelev, V. V.; Kolykhalova, E. D.; Soboleva, K. K.; Deryagin, A. G.; Novikov, I. I.; Maximov, M. V.; Zhukov, A. E.; Ustinov, V. M.; Kuchinskii, V. I.; Sibbett, W.; Rafailov, E. U.; Erneux, T. (2015-06-29) - Journal article
    We examine the response of a pulse pumped quantum dot laser both experimentally and numerically. As the maximum of the pump pulse comes closer to the excited-state threshold, the output pulse shape becomes unstable and ...
  • Optical trapping with superfocused high-M2 laser diode beam 

    Sokolovskii, G. S.; Dudelev, V. V.; Melissinaki, V.; Losev, S. N.; Sobolev, K. K.; Deryagin, A. G.; Kuchinskii, V. I.; Farsari, M.; Sibbett, W.; Rafailov, E. U. (SPIE, 2015-03-03) - Conference item
    Many applications of high-power laser diodes demand tight focusing. This is often not possible due to the multimode nature of semiconductor laser radiation possessing beam propagation parameter M2 values in double-digits. ...