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  • Spin and valley control of free carriers in single-layer WS2 

    Ulstrup, Søren; Čabo, Antonija Grubišić; Riley, Jonathon M.; Dendzik, Maciej; Sanders, Charlotte E.; Bianchi, Marco; Cacho, Cephise; Matselyukh, Dan; Chapman, Richard T.; Springate, Emma; King, Phil D. C.; Miwa, Jill A.; Hofmann, Philip (2017-01-23) - Journal article
    The semiconducting single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides have been identified as ideal materials for accessing and manipulating spin- and valley-quantum numbers due to a set of favorable optical selection rules in ...
  • Ultrafast band structure control of a two-dimensional heterostructure 

    Ulstrup, Søren; Grubišić Čabo, Antonija; Miwa, Jill A; Riley, Jonathon Mark; Grønborg, Signe S; Johannsen, Jens C; Cacho, Cephise; Alexander, Oliver; Chapman, Richard T; Springate, Emma; Bianchi, Mario; Dendzik, Maciej; Lauritsen, Jeppe V; King, Philip David; Hofmann, Philip (2016-06-28) - Journal article
    The electronic structure of two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors can be signicantly altered by screening effects, either from free charge carriers in the material itself, or by environmental screening from the surrounding ...