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    • Abelian mereology 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2015) - Journal article
      In classical extensional mereology, composition is idempotent: if x is part of y, then the sum of x and y is identical to y. In this paper, I provide a systematic and coherent formal mereology for which idempotence fails. ...
    • Anti-symmetry and non-extensional mereology 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2010-04) - Journal article
      I examine the link between extensionality principles of classical mereology and the anti-symmetry of parthood. Varzi’s most recent defence of extensionality depends crucially on assuming anti-symmetry. I examine the notions ...
    • Beyond atomism 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2013-03) - Journal article
      Contemporary metaphysicians have been drawn to a certain attractive picture of the structure of the world. This picture consists in classical mereology, the priority of parts over wholes, and the well-foundedness of ...
    • Composition as identity : framing the debate 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (Oxford University Press, 2014-08) - Book item
    • Does universalism entail extensionalism? 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2016-03) - Journal article
      Does a commitment to mereological universalism automatically bring along a commitment to the controversial doctrine of mereological extensionalism — the view that objects with the same proper parts are identical? A recent ...
    • Generic truth and mixed conjunctions : some alternatives 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2009-07) - Journal article
    • How many angels can be in the same place at the same time? A defense of mereological universalism 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2016-10) - Journal article
      I reply to Hawthorne and Uzquiano's (2011) arguments for the incompatibility between mereological universalism and plenitudinous co-location. I argue that a mereology in which antisymmetry for parthood fails is independently ...
    • Is Weak Supplementation analytic? 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2018-12-27) - Journal article
      Mereological principles are often controversial; perhaps the most stark contrast is between those who claim that Weak Supplementation is analytic—constitutive of our notion of proper parthood—and those who argue that the ...
    • Models for hylomorphism 

      Jacinto, Bruno Miguel; Cotnoir, Aaron (2019-03-11) - Journal article
      In a series of papers (Fine et al., 1982; Fine, Noûs28(2), 137–158; 1994, Midwest Studies in Philosophy, 23, 61–74, 1999) Fine develops his hylomorphic theory of embodiments. In this article, we supply a formal semantics ...
    • Nagarjuna's logic 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (Oxford University Press, 2015-07-30) - Book item
    • Natural axioms for classical mereology 

      Cotnoir, Aaron; Varzi, Achille (2019-03) - Journal article
      We present a new axiomatization of classical mereology in which the three components of the theory—ordering, composition, and decomposition principles—are neatly separated. The equivalence of our axiom system with other, ...
    • Non-wellfounded mereology 

      Cotnoir, Aaron; Bacon, Andrew (2012-06) - Journal article
      This paper is a systematic exploration of non-wellfounded mereology. Motivations and applications suggested in the literature are considered. Some are exotic like Borges’ Aleph, and the Trinity; other examples are less so, ...
    • Parts as counterparts 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2013-09) - Journal article
      Mereological nihilists are faced with a difficult challenge: explaining ordinary talk about material objects. Popular paraphrase strategies involve plurals, arrangements of particles, or fictions. In this paper, a new ...
    • Strange parts : the metaphysics of non-classical mereologies 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2013-09) - Journal article
      The dominant theory of parts and wholes – classical extensional mereology – has faced a number of challenges in the recent literature. This article gives a sampling of some of the alleged counterexamples to some of the ...
    • True, false, paranormal, and 'designated'? : a reply to Jenkins 

      Caret, Colin Ready; Cotnoir, Aaron (2008-07) - Journal article
    • Validity for strong pluralists 

      Cotnoir, Aaron (2013-05) - Journal article