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  • Active architecture for pervasive contextual services 

    Kirby, Graham; Dearle, Alan; Morrison, Ron; Dunlop, Mark; Connor, Richard; Nixon, Paddy (2003) - Conference paper
    Pervasive services may be defined as services that are available "to any client (anytime, anywhere)". Here we focus on the software and network infrastructure required to support pervasive contextual services operating ...
  • First Smart Spaces 

    Kirby, Graham; Dearle, Alan; McCarthy, Andrew; Morrison, Ron; Mullen, Kevin; Yang, Yanyan; Connor, Richard; Welen, Paula; Wilson, Andy (University of St Andrews, 2002-09-01) - Report
    This document describes the Gloss software currently implemented. The description of the Gloss demonstrator for multi-surface interaction can be found in D17. The ongoing integration activity for the work described in ...
  • Self-managed distributed mediation networks 

    Johnston-Watt, Duncan; Heneveld, Alex; Connor, Richard; Dearle, Alan; University of St Andrews. School of Computer Science (2008-01-17) - Patent
    A distributed mediation network and method of employing such is provided, having a plurality of different types of network module. Each module has a non-reciprocal path therethrough for network traffic and the distribution ...