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    • The astrobiology of the anthropocene 

      Haqq-Misra, Jacob; Som, Sanjoy; Mullan, Brendan; Loureiro, Rafael; Schwieterman, Edward; Seyler, Lauren; Mogosanu, Haritina; Frank, Adam; Wolf, Eric; Forgan, Duncan; Cockell, Charles; Sullivan, Woodruff (2018-01-07) - Working or discussion paper
      Human influence on the biosphere has been evident at least since the development of widespread agriculture, and some stratigraphers have suggested that the activities of modern civilization indicate a geological epoch ...
    • Biogeochemical probing of microbial communities in a basalt-hosted hot spring at Kverkfjöll volcano, Iceland 

      Cousins, Claire R.; Fogel, Marilyn; Bowden, Roxane; Crawford, Ian; Boyce, Adrian; Cockell, Charles; Gunn, Matthew (2018-09) - Journal article
      We investigated bacterial and archaeal communities along an ice‐fed surficial hot spring at Kverkfjöll volcano—a partially ice‐covered basaltic volcano at Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland, using biomolecular (16S rRNA, apsA, ...
    • Evaluating galactic habitability using high-resolution cosmological simulations of galaxy formation 

      Forgan, Duncan; Dayal, Pratika; Cockell, Charles; Libeskind, Noam (2017-01) - Journal article
      We present the first model that couples high-resolution simulations of the formation of local group galaxies with calculations of the galactic habitable zone (GHZ), a region of space which has sufficient metallicity to ...
    • Ionic strength is a barrier to the habitability of Mars 

      Fox-Powell, Mark George; Hallsworth, John; Cousins, Claire Rachel; Cockell, Charles (2016-06-06) - Journal article
      The thermodynamic availability of water (water activity) strictly limits microbial propagation on Earth, particularly in hypersaline environments. A considerable body of evidence indicates the existence of hypersaline ...
    • Life at the end of worlds : modelling the biosignatures of microbial life in diverse environments at the end of the habitable lifetimes of Earth-like planets 

      O'Malley-James, Jack T. (University of St Andrews, 2014-12-01) - Thesis
      This thesis investigates how increased global mean temperatures on Earth, induced by the increase in the luminosity of the Sun as it ages, change the types of habitable environments on the planet at local scales over the ...
    • Mars analogue glaciovolcanic hydrothermal environments in Iceland : detection and implications for astrobiology 

      Cousins, Claire Rachel; Crawford, Ian; Carrivick, Jonathan; Gunn, Matthew; Harris, Jennifer; Kee, Terence; Karlsson, Magnus; Carmody, Laura; Cockell, Charles; Herschy, Barry; Joy, Katherine (2013-04-15) - Journal article
      Volcanism has been a dominant process on Mars, along with a pervasive global cryosphere. Therefore, the interaction between these two is considered likely. Terrestrial glaciovolcanism produces distinctive lithologies and ...
    • Plausible microbial metabolisms on Mars 

      Nixon, Sophie; Cousins, Claire Rachel; Cockell, Charles (2013) - Journal article
      Sophie L Nixon, Claire R Cousins and Charles S Cockell explore the possible ways in which any Martian life could get energy.