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    • The ExoMars Spectral Tool (ExoSpec) : an image analysis tool for ExoMars 2020 PanCam imagery 

      Allender, Elyse; Stabbins, Roger; Gunn, Matthew; Cousins, Claire R.; Coates, Andrew (2018-10-09) - Conference item
      The upcoming launch of the European Space Agency (ESA) ExoMars 2020 rover signals a need for an analysis tool to be created which can exploit the multi- and hyperspectral data that will be returned by its Panoramic Camera ...
    • The PanCam instrument for the ExoMars rover 

      Coates, Andrew; Jaumann, Ralf; Griffiths, Andrew; Leff, Craig; Schmitz, Nicole; Josset, Jean-Luc; Paar, Gerhard; Gunn, Matthew; Hauber, Ernst; Cousins, Claire Rachel; Cross, Rachel; Grindrod, Peter; Bridges, John; Balme, Matthew; Gupta, Sanjeev; Crawford, Ian; Irwin, P; Stabbins, Roger; Tirsch, D; Vago, Jorge; Theodorou, T; Caballo-Perucha, M; Osinski, Gordon; The PanCam team (2017-07-01) - Journal article
      The scientific objectives of the ExoMars rover are designed to answer several key questions in the search for life on Mars. In particular, the unique subsurface drill will address some of these, such as the possible existence ...
    • Remote detection of past habitability at Mars-analogue hydrothermal alteration terrains using an ExoMars Panoramic Camera emulator 

      Harris, Jennifer K.; Cousins, Claire Rachel; Gunn, Matthew; Grindrod, Peter M.; Barnes, David; Crawford, Ian A.; Cross, Rachel E.; Coates, Andrew (2015-05-15) - Journal article
      A major scientific goal of the European Space Agency’s ExoMars 2018 rover is to identify evidence of life within the martian rock record. Key to this objective is the remote detection of geological substrates that are ...