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    • The maker not the tool: The cognitive significance of great ape manual skills 

      Byrne, RW (Mcdonald Institute, 2005) - Book item
      Tool-use by chimpanzees has attracted disproportionate attention among primatologists, because of an understandable wish to understand the evolutionary origins of hominin tool use. In archaeology and paleoanthropology, a ...
    • The manual skills and cognition that lie behind hominid tool use 

      Byrne, RW (Cambridge University Press, 2004) - Book item
      Tool use is an important aspect of being human that has assumed a central place in accounts of the evolutionary origins of human intelligence. This has inevitably focused a spotlight on any signs of tool use or manufacture ...
    • What do Diana monkeys know about the focus of attention of a conspecific? 

      Scerif, Gaia; Gómez, Juan Carlos; Byrne, RW (2004) - Journal article
      Converging experimental and observational evidence suggests that some non-human primates are able to co-orient with shifts in visual attention, both of conspecifics and humans. However, the underlying cognitive mechanisms ...