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    • Population genetic structuring of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clone EMRSA-15 within UK reflects patient referral patterns 

      Donker, Tjibbe; Reuter, Sandra; Scriberras, James; Reynolds, Rosy; Brown, Nicholas M; Török, M Estée; James, Richard; Network, East Of England Microbiology Research; Aanensen, David M; Bentley, Stephen D; Holden, Matthew T. G.; Parkhill, Julian; Spratt, Brian G; Peacock, Sharon J; Feil, Edward J; Grundmann, Hajo (2017-07-09) - Journal article
      Antibiotic resistance forms a serious threat to the health of hospitalised patients, rendering otherwise treatable bacterial infections potentially life-threatening. A thorough understanding of the mechanisms by which ...