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    • Rotation in the Pleiades with K2. III. Speculations on origins and evolution 

      Stauffer, John; Rebull, Luisa; Bouvier, Jerome; Hillenbrand, Lynne A.; Collier Cameron, Andrew; Pinsonneault, Marc; Aigrain, Suzanne; Barrado, David; Bouy, Herve; Ciardi, David; Cody, Ann Marie; David, Trevor; Micela, Giusi; Soderblom, David; Somers, Garrett; Stassun, Keivan G.; Valenti, Jeff; Vrba, Frederick J. (2016-10-11) - Journal article
      We use high quality K2 light curves for hundreds of stars in the Pleiades to understand better the angular momentum evolution and magnetic dynamos of young, low mass stars. The K2 light curves provide not only rotational ...
    • VISION - Vienna survey in Orion III. Young stellar objects in Orion A 

      Grossschedl, Josefa Elisabeth; Alves, Joao; Teixeira, Paula S.; Bouy, Herve; Forbrich, Jan; Lada, Charles J.; Meingast, Stefan; Hacar, Alvaro; Ascenso, Joana; Ackerl, Christine; Hasenberger, Birgit; Koehler, Rainer; Kubiak, Karolina; Larreina, Irati; Linhardt, Lorenz; Lombardi, Marco; Moeller, Torsten (2019-02-12) - Journal article
      We have extended and refined the existing young stellar object (YSO) catalogs for the Orion A molecular cloud, the closest massive star-forming region to Earth. This updated catalog is driven by the large spatial coverage ...
    • VISION - Vienna survey in Orion. I. VISTA Orion A Survey 

      Meingast, Stefan; Alves, João; Mardones, Diego; Teixeira, Paula Stella; Lombardi, Marco; Großschedl, Josefa; Ascenso, Joana; Bouy, Herve; Forbrich, Jan; Goodman, Alyssa; Hacar, Alvaro; Hasenberger, Birgit; Kainulainen, Jouni; Kubiak, Karolina; Lada, Charles; Lada, Elizabeth; Moitinho, André; Petr-Gotzens, Monika; Rodrigues, Lara; Román-Zúñiga, Carlos G. (2016-03-07) - Journal article
      Context. Orion A hosts the nearest massive star factory, thus offering a unique opportunity to resolve the processes connected with the formation of both low- and high-mass stars. Here we present the most detailed and ...