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    • Social learning strategies : bridge-building between fields 

      Kendal, Rachel; Boogert, Neeltje; Rendell, Luke; Laland, Kevin N.; Webster, Mike; Jones, Patricia (2018-07) - Journal item
      While social learning is widespread, indiscriminate copying of others is rarely beneficial. Theory suggests individuals should be selective in what, when and whom they copy, by following “social learning strategies” (SLSs). ...
    • Variation in reproductive success across captive populations : methodological differences, potential biases and opportunities 

      Griffith, Simon C.; Crino, Ondi L.; Andrew, Samuel C.; Nomano, Fumiaki Y.; Adkins-Regan, Elizabeth; Alonso-Alvarez, Carlos; Bailey, Ida E.; Bittner, Stephanie S.; Bolton, Peri E.; Boner, Winnie; Boogert, Neeltje; Boucaud, Ingrid C. A.; Briga, Michael; Buchanan, Katherine L.; Caspers, Barbara A.; Cichoń, Mariusz; Clayton, David F.; Derégnaucourt, Sebastien; Forstmeier, Wolfgang; Guillette, Lauren M.; Hartley, Ian R.; Healy, Susan D.; Hill, Davina L.; Holveck, Marie-Jeanne; Hurley, Laura L.; Ihle, Malika; Krause, E. Tobias; Mainwaring, Mark C.; Marasco, Valeria; Mariette, Marlene M.; Martin-Wintle, Meghan S.; McCowan, Luke S. C.; McMahon, Maeve; Monaghan, Pat; Nager, Ruedi G.; Naguib, Marc; Nord, Andreas; Potvin, Dominique A.; Prior, Nora H.; Riebel, Katharina; Romero-Haro, Ana A.; Royle, Nick J.; Rutkowska, Joanna; Schuett, Wiebke; Swaddle, John P.; Tobler, Michael; Trompf, Larissa; Varian-Ramos, Claire W.; Vignal, Clémentine; Villain, Avelyne S.; Williams, Tony D. (2017-01) - Journal article
      Our understanding of fundamental organismal biology has been disproportionately influenced by studies of a relatively small number of ‘model’ species extensively studied in captivity. Laboratory populations of model species ...