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    • Constraining the pass-band of future space-based coronagraphs for observations of solar eruptions in the FeXIV 530.3 nm “green line” 

      Bemporad, Alessandro; Pagano, Paolo; Giordano, Silvio; Fineschi, Silvano (2017-10) - Journal article
      Observations of the solar corona in the FeXIV 530.3 nm “green line” have been very important in the past, and are planned for future coronagraphs on-board forthcoming space missions such as PROBA-3 and Aditya. For these ...
    • Measuring the electron temperatures of coronal mass ejections with future space-based multi-channel coronagraphs : a numerical test 

      Bemporad, Alessandro; Pagano, Paolo; Giordano, Silvio (2018-11) - Journal article
      Context. The determination from coronagraphic observations of physical parameters of the plasma embedded in coronal mass ejections (CMEs) is of crucial importance for our understanding of the origin and evolution of these ...
    • SWIFF : space weather integrated forecasting framework 

      Lapenta, Giovanni; Pierrard, Viviane; Keppens, Rony; Markidis, Stefano; Poedts, Stefaan; Šebek, Ondřej; Trávníček, Pavel M; Henri, Pierre; Califano, Francesco; Pegoraro, Francesco; Faganello, Matteo; Olshevsky, Vyacheslav; Restante, Anna Lisa; Nordlund, Åke; Trier Frederiksen, Jacob; Mackay, Duncan Hendry; Parnell, Clare Elizabeth; Bemporad, Alessandro; Susino, Roberto; Borremans, Kris (2013-02-18) - Journal article
      SWIFF is a project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission to study the mathematical-physics models that form the basis for space weather forecasting. The phenomena of space weather span a ...