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    • Cholinekinase alpha as an androgen receptor chaperone and prostate cancer therapeutic target 

      Asim, Mohammad; Massie, Charles E.; Orafidiya, Folake; Pértega-Gomes, Nelma; Warren, Anne Y.; Esmaeili, Mohsen; Selth, Luke A.; Zecchini, Heather I.; Luko, Katarina; Qureshi, Arham; Baridi, Ajoeb; Menon, Suraj; Madhu, Basetti; Escriu, Carlos; Lyons, Scott; Vowler, Sarah L.; Zecchini, Vincent R.; Shaw, Greg; Hessenkemper, Wiebke; Russell, Roslin; Mohammed, Hisham; Stefanos, Niki; Lynch, Andy G.; Grigorenko, Elena; D’Santos, Clive; Taylor, Chris; Lamb, Alastair; Sriranjan, Rouchelle; Yang, Jiali; Stark, Rory; Dehm, Scott M.; Rennie, Paul S.; Carroll, Jason S.; Griffiths, John R.; Tavaré, Simon; Mills, Ian G.; McEwan, Iain J.; Baniahmad, Aria; Tilley, Wayne D.; Neal, David E. (2016-05-01) - Journal article
      Background:  The androgen receptor (AR) is a major drug target in prostate cancer (PCa). We profiled the AR-regulated kinome to identify clinically relevant and druggable effectors of AR signaling.  Methods: Using genome-wide ...
    • Integration of copy number and transcriptomics provides risk stratification in prostate cancer : a discovery and validation cohort study 

      Ross-Adams, H.; Lamb, A. D.; Dunning, M. J.; Halim, S.; Lindberg, J.; Massie, C. M.; Egevad, L. A.; Russell, R.; Ramos-Montoya, A.; Vowler, S. L.; Sharma, N. L.; Kay, J.; Whitaker, H.; Clark, J.; Hurst, R.; Gnanapragasam, V. J.; Shah, N. C.; Warren, A. Y.; Cooper, C. S.; Lynch, A. G.; Stark, R.; Mills, I. G.; Grönberg, H.; Neal, D. E.; Shaw, Greg; Hori, Satoshi; Baridi, Ajoeb; Tran, Maxine; Wadhwa, Karan; Nelson, Adam; Patel, Keval; Thomas, Benjamin; Luxton, Hayley; Gnanpragasam, Vincent; Doble, Andrew; Kastner, Christof; Aho, Tevita; Haynes, Beverley; Partridge, Wendy; Cromwell, Elizabeth; Sangrasi, Asif; Burge, Jo; George, Anne; Stearn, Sara; Corcoran, Marie; Coret, Hansley; Basnett, Gillian; Francis, Indu; Whitington, Thomas; Yuan, Yinyin; CamCaP Study Group (2015-09) - Journal article
      Background : Understanding the heterogeneous genotypes and phenotypes of prostate cancer is fundamental to improving the way we treat this disease. As yet, there are no validated descriptions of prostate cancer subgroups ...
    • Synthetic lethality between androgen receptor signalling and the PARP pathway in prostate cancer 

      Asim, Mohammad; Tarish, Firas; Zecchini, Heather I; Sanjiv, Kumar; Gelali, Eleni; Massie, Charles E; Baridi, Ajoeb; Warren, Anne Y; Zhao, Wanfeng; Ogris, Christoph; McDuffus, Leigh-Anne; Mascalchi, Patrice; Shaw, Greg; Dev, Harveer; Wadhwa, Karan; Wijnhoven, Paul; Forment, Josep V; Lyons, Scott R; Lynch, Andy G; O'Neill, Cormac; Zecchini, Vincent R; Rennie, Paul S; Baniahmad, Aria; Tavaré, Simon; Mills, Ian G; Galanty, Yaron; Crosetto, Nicola; Schultz, Niklas; Neal, David; Helleday, Thomas (2017-08-29) - Journal article
      Emerging data demonstrate homologous recombination (HR) defects in castration-resistant prostate cancers, rendering these tumours sensitive to PARP inhibition. Here we demonstrate a direct requirement for the androgen ...